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Fish traps

There are a wide variety of fish traps around Australia, the Gunditjatmara eel traps at Budj Bim, the Brewarrina Fish traps of the The town is located amid the traditional lands of the Ngemba, Muruwari and Yualwarri peoples and many up the coast of north eastern australia, as shown in this paper

Aligning Western and Aboriginal knowledges

Using existing resources we will provide specific physical examples of Aboriginal engineering that highlight the cultural influence on engineering. These examples will be linked to communities engaged with this engineering still, in some form.

Together these resources will provide a way for teachers and community to learn about this knowledge in a practical environment. It will also provide an in depth knowledge of the different approaches to engineering and engineering thinking that reflect the sustainable and holistic approach of Aboriginal cultures, as well as assist people to learn in an environment that emulates as much as possible the Aboriginal techniques of knowledge sharing.